Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I think the first thing I need to do is shout out a big Thank you to Val, from Val's Quilting studio. She sent me a thank you note and a cool glass template for the Hexi's. I am headed to Austria in March for a trip with family and I think a little hand sewing for the plane might be in order. Thanks for thinking of me Val. Check out her blog!
My homemade Christmas gift for my daughter was a good fit. she seemed to like it and it looks beautiful in her room.
I must also confess to being a little (lot) crazy. On the 23rd I was over at my daughters house and she was looking for this Christmas flannel and could not find it, she wanted to make a simple flannel square to wrap the baby in at church on Christmas Eve, But, alas, I had the fabric at home. That evening I of course cut a big square and hemmed it up, Christmas wrap done. This got me thinking it would be nice for her to have an actual quilt! I pulled out the Christmas scraps and got busy, but I did not like what I was coming up with. Finally at 10:30 at night, I found something I liked and got busy. I worked until 12:30 and got up early on the 24th and quilted it up and put the binding on. By noon it was done and on the baby at mass. I just love it and so did she! It was Happy sewing.

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  1. I am glad your daughter liked the purple quilt, and the awesome Christmas quilt. I love the pattern you used, and plan on using it with some florals in my stash busting goals. I also like how you pieced the back. Now I am thinking... Also, thanks for your idea about the chevron quilt.

  2. Such a sweet baby quilt - simple and pretty! And your whirligig quilt is beautiful too! Whoop whoop!!

  3. You definitely deserve the mom-of-the-year award! Super cute and super fast, you can't beat that!

  4. Hello Dona,
    I love the baby quilt, and you are so devoted to do all that sewing at the last minute!
    Love, Muv

  5. We are all a little crazy when we do those crazy last minute quilts...sometimes they are the best though!! SO glad your daughter like her quilt. (I love it too!) And hey...thanks for the "shout out". Just glad you like the template and thinking once you start will never stop! It's fun and a great time filler esp for the travel you be adventuring on!!!