Monday, June 19, 2017

Soap Time!

I will veer from my quilts for just a bit. I learned to make my own homemade soap about 4 years ago and have not turned back. It is another fun thing that feeds into my desire to live clean and healthy wherever I can. It is wonderful on the skin and I know all the ingredients. No detergents! I taught my sister to make it a couple years ago and she is hooked as well. We made 9 double batches last summer and this year we made 11. We also went to a soap conference in Cleveland and learned a lot. I am thinking I might have a business going when I retire! Hmm. What do ya think about that one! Everyone that uses my soap loves it, so why not start selling some.  we shall see. anyway, here is a sample of what we made.
 This is a lavender swirl. My middle daughter is getting married this December and I will use a nice bar of soap and some home made lotion "from our shower to yours" as a favor. here are the first of the bars. They smell divine!
The 2 dark ones on the left are the manly man soaps. My husband LOVES it, and so does my son in law.  Barber shop and Deep Amber Musk. Its hard to see but they are swirled in light and dark brown, and light and dark green, with spirulina powder which is thought to be wonderful for the skin. Of course the pink and green is the girl soap.  there were 7 other beautiful big batches. Not sure which one to use first when they are done curing.

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