Monday, June 5, 2017

Feel the Force!

My daughter has a very good friend from college expecting her first baby. Both she and her husband are Star Wars super fans. So, my daughter thought it would be fun to make her a Star Wars quilt. She bought the fabric and off I went. She originally wanted a design with squares in it but I thought it would hide the great pictures in the fabric. So, I kept the pieces intact and went from there. I am really feeling the force and so was her friend. It turned out pretty cute. A bit bigger than a baby size but that is good too. I used the leftovers to piece the back.  I was lucky to snap a few pictures before it ran out the door!!

I also made a couple easy and quick dresses for my sweet little girl.
 Her brother had a Sesame Street birthday party so I made this one with Abby on it from the show. I made the shorts and t shirt for brother too.

1 comment:

  1. Great job using those busy Star Wars prints in a cute baby quilt. And what darling dresses.