Friday, January 27, 2017

Another Baby!

As I said last week, another baby arrived and I got busy lat weekend and put together a boy quilt from scraps! Nothing was purchased, and I am thrilled!  Thank you to Jasmine over at Quilt kisses!. She had a beautiful quilt with Open feathers quilted in it. I really liked it so I studied her pictures and decided to just jump in and try it myself. I am anxious now to look up the class and take it but in the meantime I have had some play time! I put a feather type design on the border and a half feather in the small white border. I am excited about how it turned out and definitely going to do more. Thanks so much Jasmine!!!
 I only have one simple picture of this one. It is queen size and all flannel, no batting. I have one on my bed and it is a just right blanket in Houston. My daughter has one as well that I made her quite awhile ago. Hers was falling apart because she washes and uses it so much. I made her another one and it went home with her before I got any good pictures but, so happy it is in use!
My Grand daughter is crazy about Princesses so I found some scraps of a castle and a princess print in a pile a friend gave me. Her new dolly now has a lovely blanket for the princess! The back is minky so it is soft and fun to play with.
Almost done with the Christmas top! Welcome weekend!
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  1. Lovely quilting on that blue quilt! I'm impressed you got so much done this week!

  2. Nice job on that quick baby quilt. You did a GREAT job on the quilting!

  3. So cute! I love seeing how you filled the space with the open feathers. What a productive week. When you make the all flannel blankets,do you use two or three layers?