Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Baby

We have a new baby BOY!! He was born April 21st and very shortly after, big sister got sick and ended up staying with me for several days. That means my sewing has been minimal the last few weeks but I did get a few things done. Baby Luke got some new burp cloths from me. I love them, so does his Mom!
I also made a few holders that I saw on pintrist. they hold the phone and charger. You hang it over the charger. The really nice one is with my daughter. these 2 will get used by the rest of us.
I spent some time on the quilt for my granddaughter and it is done!!! I just love how it turned out. It is for a twin bed but I made it about a ful size so it can really hang over the edge. Fun!!
And finally, a few happy days with little people.

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  1. What darling little people! And your quilt is super cute too.