Thursday, June 25, 2015


I feel like I have been away for forever! I have done lots of sewing and given several things away and have no pictures. A few things I did remember and the last couple weeks have gotten some things done. But first, the bumper pads to match the new babys quilt are finally finished. All the animals were appliqued on and the grass and flowers were stitched on. It was a lot of work but turned out so very nice.

 The back was alternating green and brown polka dot. Once again the pictures do not do it justice. I must investigate better pictures.
 I also made these travel/cosmetic bags for one of my harp students who graduated from high school and will be headed off to college. She is a sweet girl, a lovely player and I will miss her!
 I made one quilt just like this and gave it away immediately but this week made another just like it, so this is number 2! It came from Kelly at My quilt infatuation and is called strip Tango. I love the fabrics and the pattern, Thanks Kelly! I will quilt it up right away.
I posted a picture on my last post with a twin, bright colored quilt for my grand daughters room and I took the scraps and cut them into squares and took them to Ohio with me. After getting my mom to bed I would sew until late at night sometimes. I mixed some white in there to stretch it out along with a few other scraps and have a nice extra quilt for the trundle bed that matches! I love it. It just needs to be quilted up as well. I also started a black and white quilt but that is still in progress.  I am home for a few weeks and hope to get some serious sewing in. Its summer and I can stay up late. Hurray!
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  1. The bumper pads you are making are just adorable! What a beautiful design. I really like your strip Tango quilt, too. There is a jelly roll sitting on my cutting table just waiting to be used. Hmmmm. Oh... and I love your blog name!

  2. Those are the cutest bumper pads I've ever seen! The personalized travel bags are a precious gift and I really love your scrappy quilt! I've been trying to learn better photography tricks too! You probably already know that Indirect natural light without the flash is best and there's something soft and attractive about morning light and late afternoon light casts a golden glow to photos (my daughter calls it the golden hour).

  3. Darling projects as always. :) I really like the added white to your scraps.