Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ohio Donations

When I was in Ohio last November I started a quilt with some pretty ugly fabric. I just needed to sew something. Well, here it is and I am going to donate it to a nursing home and maybe a man who can not see very well will inherit it. I used all scraps, front and back.
I also made the same pattern again and used up some blue scraps. I am not a blue person so I am happy to have it made up and that will get donated as well.
There is a lovely shop in Cleveland , Ohio called Quilter's Source. They gave me all the pieces to put together this quilt as long as I bring it back to donate. I am thrilled to have a project when I visit. I finished the quilting here at home and will take it back to donate as well this summer.
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  1. Such thoughtful quilts made with love. I also enjoy making quilts out of fabric I don't like as much. They are sure to be enjoyed by someone. :)

  2. I think I like the blue one the best. The lights in it seem to sparkle.

  3. The amazing thing about quilting is that even the ugliest fabric can usually be redeemed if it's cut up small enough, lol! I'm sure the lucky people who receive your quilts will be love them and appreciate the care and love you put into making them. :)

  4. dont be so hard on your fabric up top... I knda like it!

  5. I have some ugly fabric that's just sitting on a shelf. I didn't know what to do with it, but you've given me an idea. It doesn't have to be fancy or difficult, just turned into a quilt! So glad I visited!