Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer, Almost

Well, the sock monkey quilt is finished and looks awesome! My daughter did most of the work and Momma is so happy she has a sewing girl in the bunch. She is learning and I hope likes it! She did a great job.

We also put together a banner with the little boys name to hang at the shower and maybe in the nursery. It was pretty fun and a learning experience for us both!
I have had several things in progress and I will show just a few.
The borders are not on yet but this was a Kaffee Fassett jelly roll that I have been hanging on to for over a year. I love it and finally had enough courage to cut into and CHOOSE a design. It still needs the borders but I love it already. I just love the brights.
This will be a baby quilt. Making it up as I go. I had some bright squares and a friend had done one like this and so I am trying to remember and put it together. I will show the finished later.
Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts;   Confessions of a fabric addict.  This mom here must be Crazy, since I post so late and sew so late on the weekends. I am so ready for some summer sew days and nights. 5 more days to go!!!


  1. So exciting! I love quilting with my mom and with my son. I love the monkey quilt.

  2. Cute monkey quilt! It's so fun to sew with family!

  3. Have a great last week of school. Your daughter did great on her monkey quilt..charms are always good for beginning aren't they! Love your Pez like quilt....looks like a fun pattern!