Friday, May 16, 2014

School Days

Well, I bought some great fabric on sale on our weekend away and I have already put it ot good use. My old school bag that I carry my things in was just shredding. So I found some fun prequilted fabric on super sale on our weekend. I wanted the same size bag so I measured the one I had, looked at the construction and just copied what already worked for me. My husband cut up an old sign and I covered it with fabric for a tough hard bottom to the bag. I love it and feel good walking out in the morning with something new and fresh at the end of the year!
I even made a small bag with the scraps. I made a purse too. My machine is back from repair so I can get quilting on some of the quilts that are ready to go. Until next time....
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  1. This set is awesome. Glad you are getting some good use out of it. And I love that green zipper. It is always fun getting a machine back.

  2. I love bags and it's always nice to see a pretty one - this is lovely and great that you were able to use up the scraps too :)

  3. My daughter got me the new school bag I wanted for Mother's Day and I thought the same thing: "How nice to have something new at the end of the years" Kinda adds an extra hop to your step. May is busy, but going fast! Hope all is well on your end as you work to finish up another school year too.