Friday, December 13, 2013

Tis the Season

Oh, My, Christmas will be here before I know it and I should be shopping and wrapping, but,,, I am sewing. I just can't help it! I was inspired By Amanda Jean and her Book Sunday Morning Quilts. I had so many leftovers from quilts that were calling me so I tried the slab technique from her book and I love it. I was going to put the slabs together to make one big one, just like hers but I decided to frame each one. My daughter saw some like this on the internet and loved them so it just might be hers for Christmas. It needs to be quilted but maybe that is what Christmas Eve is for, Ha!

I bought some baby boy fabric in Ohio this summer and it was calling to me so I made up this quick little boy quilt to have on hand and it is ready to be quilted! the blues and browns are so much prettier than the picture.
I also am putting together a small leftover flannel blanket to keep at home for the grandbaby but it's not done yet and I have all the pieces for another little boy quilt in the works. Oh My, I just really love to sew.

 And finally, the biggest job right now. I am quilting up the queen size quilt I am giving to my middle daughter. I am getting puckers on the back and having some struggles but I am sure it will turn out just fine. I always seem to get a tuck or two on the back, very frustrating.
Linking up Crazy Mom Quilts. Happy Friday night, almost Saturday!

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