Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Butterball

I just couldn't resist. My daughter has requested that no pictures of the baby be posted on the internet but she made her a pretty cute hat for Thanksgiving and then stitched down a turkey onto a onesie. she looked just adorable. You can't really see her so I hope I can get away with showing you some of my daughters clever work. So very fun! Gobble Gobble!!


  1. Hi Dona! I'm returning the visit...nice to meet ya! LOVE LOVE this little hat!! (I'm a new grandma's fun!) PS: A lot of us don't use "names" of our family for security reasons... maybe that will make your daughter feel better about ya posting few pictures every now and I'm sure you'll be making plenty of baby quilts!!
    Val from Val's Quilting Studio (

  2. are coming up as a no-reply blogger...which means I can't email you in response to your comment on my blog. Totally would love if you had some "boy" I-Spy fabric let me know! and I'll email ya my snail mail adress. Check on my blog under the blogging label on how to remedy the no-reply if you don't know how.V