Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Baby and a quilt

So I finally finished this colorful Quilt! It was a pattern from  the McCalls Quick Quilts magazine, the August/ September issue of 2012. It is actually on the cover. I had lots of scraps and wanted to use some up. But, it seems my scrap pile did NOT  get any smaller. It is so colorful. I love it!
   My daughter had her baby this week so I have been a bit occupied! That's why I finished after midnight Friday. I didn't make the Friday finish deadline!
While my daughter and her husband were at the hospital I took an older quilt I made in case they wanted it on the bed or Her husband needed it since he was staying with her. Needless to say , a few comments were made about the beautiful quilt so I thought I would show a small picture since it is one of my favorites from many years ago. I liked it so much I made about 3 of them. Happy weekend. Happy sewing!

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