Friday, October 10, 2014

Scrappy Week!

I decided I was being over run with scraps. I had been collecting piles of squares from projects and the piles were just getting too high. My first pile was a bunch of flannel squares and they went into a quick and scrappy blanket. I will most likely just give it away to someone or donate. Not the most beautiful but soft and warm just the same
I also had a nice pile of regular squares and so off I went with all of those. There is something very calming about just sewing squares together. It is a nice lap size. Christmas is coming and I am thinking it will find a home somewhere.This one will need to be quilted up so it can go on the pile. There are about 6 there already! Oh my!
A few weeks ago I put together this fun wall hanging for my middle daughter. The 5 of us draw names every summer and we have to MAKE something for them for Christmas. We started this when the kids were little and it is the most fun thing every year. The girls just LOVE it and the preparation and thought behind each gift is lovely. We exchanged names in June and my middle daughter is settling in on her own in an apartment. I will also make her a few other things for Holidays. But I used up a bunch of scraps to make the border on this fun Halloween panel. It's so cute!
Lastly, after looking at blogs again, I was inspired again by Jasmine at Quilt Kisses and made a cute bag from Jens  tutorial, using up MORE scraps. I love it and I know will make several more before Christmas.  My scrap pile should look smaller but not really. I started a string quilt as well and I am working on those blocks this weekend. WooHoo!! Let's make a mess!
Looking forward to diving in!
I never work this messy except on a string quilt. Yippee! Happy Weekend!
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  1. What a great scrappy week! I love the blanket and the bag. :) I just bought fabric for two more big bags today.

  2. You have been busy having lots of fun sewing!!! I love the picture of your sewing area...and the Halloween quilt is awesome! I'm looking forward to getting some sewing in myself this weekend....hope your school year is going well. :)V