Friday, October 3, 2014


I love having the inspiration from other bloggers, websites, pictures and posts on the web. I am often inspired by Jasmine over at quilt kisses and this next one is inspired from the star quilt she made recently. I decided to make mine a little scrappy since most of my pieces were just not quite right. I love it! It is the large version of the baby star I made last week. Thanks for the inspiration! Its about 60 by 60. I'm not sure if I should add a border or not. I used up a bunch of scraps and that makes me happy. There are lots of fish on the quilt so maybe my daughters in laws that fish a lot might get it for the boat on those cool days.
I had some leftover sock monkey fabric and I bought a little more in Ohio this summer so off I went again. The never ending string of sock monkey quilts. 2 more!

I have a baby shower this weekend and I showed the little pink elephant quilt. I looked at the scraps and put together a small envelope bag, big enough to carry a diaper and some wipes. No more scraps!
I also made her a sweet little flannel blanket and burp cloth to match. I really like it!

I have lots of quilting to do and I am now inspired to make some drawstring bags from Jasmine! so much to sew and so little time. Looks like another late Friday night sew date!
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  1. Dona, I am totally blushing over here. I love your scrappy version of the star. I don't think it needs borders unless you want it bigger, but you could add a scrappy one. :)

    And the little elephant gift set is super cute. As well as those monkey quilts. Have fun making bags.

  2. visiting from crazy mum quilts. You are totally busy. Loving what you do.

  3. I love your sock monkey quilt!!! SOOOOOOOO cute!