Friday, July 15, 2016

Bags and More

A friend of mine dropped off a bag of scraps for me, ahh, I just love scraps. It is so fun to come home with an unexpected bag of scraps on my doorstep. Well, There were some lovely pastel pieces that were a bit big and uniform in size, obviously cutoffs and I thought they might make a nice little quilt to donate. I played with them and fooled around with layout and...Voila! I only added a small piece of my own. It is much prettier in real life. Linus project has another one for the stack. The dark piece is really not as dark as it looks.

I also had a good friend going through a rough patch and headed away for a weekend so I decided to make her a set of travel bags. My girls always liked them so off I went. She likes blue and a blue piece in my stash was easy.
 Kleenex holder was fun and a nice addition.

 I just love the hot iron holder. I had the silver lining left from the last one!
 Eight pieces in total and I hope she likes it. It was great fun to make. If I had not been in such a hurry I would have taken the time to embroider her name on the big bag.
After making these I was packing my own suitcase and decided to make some for ME!!! I only have one to show right now, the rest are packed and in my suitcase. 
I also made 18 of these zippered bags for a teacher friend who is having a destination wedding and these are for her friends coming.
It has been a month full of bags!! It is off to vacation for me. Yippee!!! I think a beach chair and the Houston quilt show catalog will be my companions next week.
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  1. I like how you slipped in that you made EIGHTEEN zippered bags for your friend who is having a destination wedding! Like it's nothing at all, lol. Hope you have a great vacation. I think you've earned it! Take care, Mary.