Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am glad a new year is coming. I look forward to many fresh starts. I finished my Christmas sewing and got on to some new baby things. I have 2 baby gifts for January so lets keep it easy. Both the same pattern from Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation. Thank you!! The little boy one is flannel and a little girl from school. I better get quilting! Linking up to Crazy Mom quilts

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas sewing

I have done lots of sewing and NO quilts! OH my! But I have some fun Christmas gifts.
I made my youngest daughter a set of bags for all her travels. she is doing lots of house sitting for people, and visiting friends so she needed some new travel bags. They turned out so cute, I made some for my sister in law who is coming to visit with my brother for a few days at Christmas AND
I LOVE them. I think I want some too.

I think she will really like them. I even made an eyeglass case for sunglasses.
My sister I law does lots of travelling as well.

A girl at school asked me to make burlap stockings and gave me a picture to model them after...so I did, I also put names on 3 as requested. I even lined them.

While I was on the stocking kick, my sweet gandbabies got one too.

My daughter requested an apron for baking for the little one. I made a Minnie mouse Red, and white polka dot with a black top and bow and it was as cute as can be but she took it right away and NO pictures. I made another one with pink Minnie scraps for another day.
Not quite as cute but she will like it. I also made 2 hooded towels but they are wrapped already!! Yes, I have been busy and I'm ready to get back to some quilts..

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Holidays!

So much to sew. Sew little time!! Lots of finishes but only a few pictures. Just before thanksgiving I found these old blocks that I made and did not like the colors so I set them aside. I thought I might make it up and donate it to a charity but I am thinking someone I know may get a gift. I really kinda like it!!

I also made another 20 luggage tags for family and friends. I just love those! and then made another dozen for my brother who runs tours to Ireland.

A pair of pillowcases for my brother.

And the final finish. My middle daughter ran the 10K turkey trot on Thanksgiving for the first time. Way to go! another awesome finish.

I made 2 crib sheets and another 6 bibs! No pictures for those. Doesn't look like much but I have been sewing a lot!!! I have also made some Christmas gifts but those pictures will be posted closer to the holiday.