Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Holidays!

So much to sew. Sew little time!! Lots of finishes but only a few pictures. Just before thanksgiving I found these old blocks that I made and did not like the colors so I set them aside. I thought I might make it up and donate it to a charity but I am thinking someone I know may get a gift. I really kinda like it!!

I also made another 20 luggage tags for family and friends. I just love those! and then made another dozen for my brother who runs tours to Ireland.

A pair of pillowcases for my brother.

And the final finish. My middle daughter ran the 10K turkey trot on Thanksgiving for the first time. Way to go! another awesome finish.

I made 2 crib sheets and another 6 bibs! No pictures for those. Doesn't look like much but I have been sewing a lot!!! I have also made some Christmas gifts but those pictures will be posted closer to the holiday.


  1. I really like the quilt. The luggage tags are very intersting. Is there a pattern for them? My kids travel quite a bit and the tags would be a great little someting to give them.
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  2. Your quilt is beautiful. It will be a lucky someone who receives it.