Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby Shower time!

tomorrow is a baby shower and her nursery colors were bright so this was a fun one. These are the same fabrics used in 2 other quilts and I still love them. I have gotten some good mileage out of those! I love that!!
The  back has the center strip that I cut out. I really like that.
2 burp cloths to match along with a pink stuffed bunny,,,,Done!
I still have time and I may stay up late so...she may get a small bag or a small diaper holder, Or a small zipper bag for baby things. We shall see what pops out by midnight!!!

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  1. Very cute quilt. But those burp cloths - so darling!!

  2. What a darling baby quilt. I have done a similar quilt with three sections, but I really like the look with two. Lucky baby!

  3. What a great, easy quilt to do. Hum, must remember this for the future! Thanks for sharing.