Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello Baby!

I have been gone way too long but not from sewing, just from the computer. I have also been in Ohio for about 10 days helping out with my Mom. I did some sewing up there too. My posts will have to be several in a row since I have too much for one post.

I will start with my favorite thing of all. I have also been waiting for my daughter to get her new phone which takes really nice pictures so I hope they are easier to see.

I made this baby quilt for my new grandson, who will be arriving April 21. My daughter is doing a forest like atmosphere in his room and I already posted the panels for the crib skirt with the deer on them. here is the matching quilt.

Again, I must say it is much prettier in person. I love the way the quilting turned out. I was very nervous about doing it because I didn't want to mess it up. I quilted tree knots in all the brown sections to make it look like a tree trunk.
I quilted big tall leaves in the green section to look a bit like tall grass.
I made swirly sections in the deer scene to look kind of like the wind.
The animals are appliqued on and the grass is stitched on. I am pretty happy with it.

My daughter started a quilt for a twin bed for her daughter and I finished it, although I think I might add some borders and make it plenty big for the twin bed. It is so happy!

It was a sunny  day and we could not avoid the shadows but I love to see the sun.
Until next time.


  1. Your quilting is perfect for this quilt!!! (And I kinda like the shadows...they add a little character to the picture,)

  2. I love all the quilting on that quilt! Your grass and wood grain are perfect. Plus I really like the wind around the animals. That is going to be a super cute nursery.

    And the quilt for your granddaughter is so bright and cheerful.