Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New year!

So many things to sew in 2015, Happy New Year!
Right around Christmas I had a little time to sew but nothing started and What I had left on my list were hard things that required some thinking. I did not want to think, just sew. My husband is an artist, so when I expressed my frustration, he simply said to make something simple to donate and just sew.
I did. I went back to the quilt I made for Margaret's Hope chest. I pulled out my scraps from the quilt show, started cutting, and it is one of my favorites! I love it. Not sure I can give it away. I just love the fabrics.

 I also wanted to make a little seat for my little sweetie. I found this picture on pinterest and made her a stuffed little cushion to sit on at my house. It was fun to do.
I finally got my daughter to bring over the bags I made her for Christmas. I forgot to take pictures and they were wrapped before I knew it.
I also tossed together a small baby quilt for my new grandbaby BOY coming in April. Used up a charm pack and a few extras. It has soft flannel on the back.

Since I had so much fun on the first one, my husband encouraged me to just make another one. the top should be finished today. here is a sneak peak!
The days have been very cloudy, dark, cold and rainy. Not so good for pictures but awesome for sewing. Back to work on Monday so the sewing will slow down, but in the meantime, Yippee!!!
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  1. I love your scrappy pink quilt, too! I'm not sure I could part with it either, but it's a good feeling when we make something people love as much as we do. And your quilt for your grandson just shouts "little boy". So sweet! Glad I found your blog.

  2. What a sweet hubby. What you did make turned out beautiful. Simple quilts really are my favorite.

  3. It's perfect!! How nice to have such encouragement from your spouse ;-) I like his suggestion!

  4. Your husband is right! I too was looking at all the fabric in my studio and feeling a bit overwhelmed-because of course I want to make a masterpiece--but I didn't even know where to start! So I too am making a donation quilt.....just love piecing simple things together!