Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday! :)

It's the weekend before Halloween and I find myself making a costume again. I have not done that in many years. This time it's for my sweet little grand baby. she will be the sweetest and happiest pumpkin ever! It was fun to make. the green stem on the hat is a bit hard to see but pretty cute. Trick or treat!

My little sweetie is also getting baptized this Sunday. She is wearing a beautiful dress worn by her daddy's family and I made her a bonnet from her great grandmothers handkerchief. She was named Evelyn after her great Grandmother so they have beautiful E's embroidered on the corners of the lace. Someday she can walk down the aisle to be married carrying the hankie of her great grandmother that she was named after. I love the bonnet and it matches the dress perfectly.
And finally, in the quilt category, I had an old bunch of scrap squares I never put together awhile ago. I'll probably add borders and most likely donate it. It was just one of those simple things to sew on a night after a long day at work. No thinking involved. It's Ok.


  1. Cute Halloween outfit and I just love the Christening beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Marie

  2. The Halloween costume is really cool! And what a wonderful idea for the bonnet, using a special heirloom.