Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby Shower time!

tomorrow is a baby shower and her nursery colors were bright so this was a fun one. These are the same fabrics used in 2 other quilts and I still love them. I have gotten some good mileage out of those! I love that!!
The  back has the center strip that I cut out. I really like that.
2 burp cloths to match along with a pink stuffed bunny,,,,Done!
I still have time and I may stay up late so...she may get a small bag or a small diaper holder, Or a small zipper bag for baby things. We shall see what pops out by midnight!!!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Mom's quilt

I can't believe a month has gone by. My last post was July 4. The next day my sister called from Ohio and I flew back right away. My mom, who was my first sewing inspiration and a truly wonderful woman in many ways passed away on July 10th. She gave me a great love to create and sew, a desire to make wonderful things for those I love and passed on the pure joy of sewing. Thank you Mom!
I made this quilt for My mom and dad about 5 years ago when they were both here. My mom went shopping with me and chose the fabric, she had some vision back then, and she sort of chose the pattern too. I just returned home last Sunday and it came home with me. So, My finish this week was one from a few years back. It is a queen size and looked wonderful on her bed. She really liked it.

It's really a very pretty green.
Here's my sweet mom with my sister and brother as well. Taken last summer. She was 91 and amazing. Love you Mom!!
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