Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday finish!

I just could not stop myself!! I was having too much fun with the Easter baskets and I made one more for my grandbaby's cousin. They were so much fun to make.
Last weeks pictures did not show a close up, so here is one of the other baskets.
I finally finished the top of the quilt that gave me so much trouble. I love the fabric but the original brick quilt was too busy. The top is done and I think after  it is quilted I will get a better picture in better light. They always look so much better after quilting.
I quickly made up a neutral seat cover for my old high chair. Not bad for a night of sewing and some old scraps left in a drawer that I would Never quilt with. The stripes don't match but it will get mighty dirty, washed lot and eventually thrown away I am sure . It will work for now.
My daughter wanted to make a sock monkey quilt for one of her husbands cousins so we ordered this fun fabric and I have cut it and it's ready for her to start sewing. it is so cute and will make a really fun one!

It is midnight and I think my time is up.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Fun!

My children are going to think I am crazy! It all started with the idea of making an Easter Basket for my sweet little grand daughter. I found this awesome tutorial here at Positively Splendid! And that it is, just Splendid. I love it. I loved it so much I decided to make all of the kids an Easter Basket. I embroidered their names on too. My son in law got the Texas chili cook off fabric and no name. I am gong to hide the Sunday morning and make them look for them. You are never too old for some old fashioned FUN! I am so excited about how they turned out.
Her name is a little too high, live and learn.
So FUN! I got a little excited and decided to make another type , a little easier. this one for my husband and me!
One other thing, I finished a dress for my daughter. She did the smocking and I did the dress cutting, pleating and construction. Nice joint effort. Turned out just lovely!
One last fun thing. My husband built me an owl house for Christmas and we hung it in January. well, it is now inhabited by Mr. AND Mrs. Hootie! they are so fun to watch. Happy Easter everyone.
One last picture of my beautiful daughter and her husband wrapped in one of my quilts out in a field of Bluebonnets. It was a cool day, and with this mamma, there's always a quilt.

Friday, April 11, 2014


It is that time of year again! Spring. For the last 2 years I have donated a quilt to a spring church auction and this year it will be 2! I just love both quilts but I especially like the string quilt. I am very fond of that pattern and have made several. It is just one of those quilts that always looks good.

The second one is very nice but it was also very sunny and the picture was not too good. It is also a bigger quilt than my husbands arms can reach! I guess i need 2 people to hold it up. I hope the quilts will earn the church a little money. I thank God for the gift of being able to sew so I think I should share.

   Another teacher at school had twin boys and here is the latest on the baby quilt list. they are similar but just a little different.
I have a wonderful Picture of my sweet daughter in the bluebonnets wrapped in her quilt with her husband but I can't get it to load. maybe tomorrow.
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