Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Baby and a quilt

So I finally finished this colorful Quilt! It was a pattern from  the McCalls Quick Quilts magazine, the August/ September issue of 2012. It is actually on the cover. I had lots of scraps and wanted to use some up. But, it seems my scrap pile did NOT  get any smaller. It is so colorful. I love it!
   My daughter had her baby this week so I have been a bit occupied! That's why I finished after midnight Friday. I didn't make the Friday finish deadline!
While my daughter and her husband were at the hospital I took an older quilt I made in case they wanted it on the bed or Her husband needed it since he was staying with her. Needless to say , a few comments were made about the beautiful quilt so I thought I would show a small picture since it is one of my favorites from many years ago. I liked it so much I made about 3 of them. Happy weekend. Happy sewing!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A sewing weekend!

Well, it was a late night Friday finish. I went on to make another finish on Saturday and now a late night post on Sunday. It was a good weekend in the sewing room!  So here was my Friday finish. I quilted it up and put the binding on. it really looks much better in person. The center color is a pink and there is some pink in the other center as well. the green is a pretty batik looking fabric. My husband really likes this one.

I just love this one. It is the Fair and Square pattern from Crazy mom quilts, but we made the borders a little bigger. The squares in the middle are the state flower fabrics. My daughter did the sewing and the machine quilting so I guess it was a little bit of a joint effort but I am so proud of her. It is just lovely! Thanks Amanda Jean, I love this pattern.
This was my late night Saturday finish. I made the top last year and finally got it quilted up and finished. It is definately a scrap quilt. I am just OK with it but again my husband really likes it. It is about a full size and it was fun to make all those light and dark sqares and arrange them.
So here is a peek at what is up this week. I am almost finished quilting this one and then on goes the binding. This  is one of my favorites. The colors are bright and cheery. Just happy! Back to work!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Baby quilt

Well, I am back to school so a late night post is in order. I quilted up this baby quilt and I am pleased with how it turned out. I love the different squares and I love the stripes on the binding. It is bright and happy. I have several other things "almost done" but nothing ready for a Friday finish, BUT the weekend is coming up and I am ready to get some serious sewing time in. Happy Sewing!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ready for School

 Well, today was my last day of summer break. I tried to get some things ready so when I have just a few minutes I can do a little sewing. I have 2 big quilts basted together and ready to quilt up and I cut out this beautiful fabric from the Sedona trip. I am excited to get it going.  I also got a half dozen burp cloths done for a friend having a baby. I just love the way the burp cloths turned out. Half of them are flannel and each side is a different fabric. One of them I just sewed along the outside and then snipped the edges, threw it in the wash and dryer so I have a frayed edge. Too cute. I am ready for school and ready for school year sewing! I have another quilt finish but I'll save that for Friday finish.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Big Finish!

Well, this week I have gotten a lot done. It is my last week of summer and I have been sewing like crazy. such Fun! I quilted up this pink quilt that has been sitting on the shelf for years. A little busy but fun.

My sister in law requested a quilt for an auction and I finally finished the borders and got the top done. Quilting will be later. Queen size it is.

I put together this sweet little baby quilt this week with a charm pack and as usual it was quick, easy, and so cute! Both of these patterns were from a magazine. I am anxious to quilt this one up and put a pretty bright binding on it.
This one I quickly put together . I was going to use it for a wedding gift but it looks a little boring and pale to me. Maybe when it is quilted, I will like it more. It is better in person than in the picture. Since I was not crazy about this one I put together a scrap quilt with a bunch of leftovers that I have been dying to make. Again, the pattern is from a magazine. It is bright, scrappy and just fun. This one might be the wedding gift instead.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sedona Fabric

Something new! We recently returned from a trip to Sedona, Arizona with some friends and of course we stopped at the local quilt shop (along with several others along the way). This shop was just lovely. I purchased some fabrics designed by watercolor artist Mary Fisher. She is a local artist with quite a resume.
This is next up on my list. I have several things in the works right now so after I finish a few more things, this one is up! It is just so fun to cut into some beautiful, soft and creamy fabric.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Next Two

Here are the other two quilts I finished. The black and yellow one is a lap size quilt and was pieced together by my daughter and I quilted it up for her. The small one was a spring stress reliever. It was just a charm pack that I sewed together. The end of the school year was a little hectic and I needed something that required no real thought. It was so fun to just sew the squares together. I really like simple. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. I am maybe thinking about doing something on Etsy. Any good advice on selling some quilts?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Finish

 Here is the first quilt I finished this week. I made the top a few weeks ago and finally quilted it up and it is ready for a new baby girl. Her momma wanted to stay away from too much pink, so there it is.

   I also used the same pattern to make the baby boy transportation quilt and then with some leftovers, I was dying to try some luggage tags. I just love them. Two of them match the baby blankets.  I have one more lap quilt I finished this week but I am having trouble with the picture. That will be another post. Looking forward to the weekend and some new things going on in the sewing room. Hopefully I can link up to   

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Summer began with some wonderful time sewing! I went to Ohio to help out my mom for two weeks and found a few lovely quilt shops there. She has a machine at her house so I naturally snagged some sale fabric, a pattern and off I went . I made this the first few days I was there. It was fun, easy and quick! I teach school  with lots of beautiful young women and we have plenty of babies coming so a new little girl might get this one. This is a new blog for me, and my first post. I look forward to adding and learning more and more.